F.I.F.A. – Players’ Status Committee / Commissione per lo Status dei Calciatori – club vs club disputes / controversie tra società – (2020-2021) – fifa.com – atto non ufficiale – Decision 22 September 2020

Decision of the Single Judge of the PSC
passed on, 22 September 2020
regarding a contractual dispute concerning the transfer of the player Bojan Knezevic
Castellar GUIMARAES NETO (Brazil), Single Judge of the PSC
GNK Dinamo, Croatia
NK Olimpija, Slovenia
I. Decision of the Single Judge of the PSC
1. The claim of the Claimant, GNK Dinamo, is accepted.
2. The Respondent, NK Olimpija, has to pay to the Claimant, the following amount:
- EUR 39,592.42 as outstanding amount plus interest as follows.
- 5% interest p.a. over the amount of EUR 19,796.21 as from 2 December 2019 until until the date of effective payment;
- 5% interest p.a. over the amount of EUR 19,796.21 as from 2 May 2020 until until the date of effective payment;
3. Any further claims of the Claimant are rejected.
4. The Claimant is directed to immediately and directly inform the Respondent of the relevant bank account to which the Respondent must pay the due amount.
5. The Respondent shall provide evidence of payment of the due amount in accordance with this decision to psdfifa@fifa.org, duly translated, if applicable, into one of the official FIFA languages (English, French, German, Spanish).
6. In the event that the amount due, plus interest as established above is not paid by the Respondent within 45 days, as from the notification by the Claimant of the relevant bank details to the Respondent, the following consequences shall arise:
▪ 1.
The Respondent shall be banned from registering any new players, either nationally or internationally, up until the due amount is paid and for the maximum duration of three entire and consecutive registration periods. The aforementioned ban mentioned will be lifted immediately and prior to its complete serving, once the due amount is paid.
(cf. art. 24bis of the Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players). 2.
In the event that the payable amount as per in this decision is still not paid by the end of the ban of three entire and consecutive registration periods, the present matter shall be submitted, upon request, to the FIFA Disciplinary Committee.
7. A warning is imposed on the Respondent.
8. This decision is pronounced without costs and the amount paid by the Claimant as an advance is reimbursed.
For the Single Judge of the PSC:
Emilio García Silvero
Chief Legal & Compliance Officer
In accordance with arts. 15 and 18 of the Procedural Rules, this correspondence only communicates the findings of the decision without grounds.
Should any of the parties wish to receive the grounds of the decision, a written request must be received by FIFA, within 10 days of receipt of notification of the findings of the decision. Failure to do so within the stated deadline will result in the decision becoming final and binding and the parties being deemed to have waived their rights to file an appeal.
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